​Dawna Angus

Education Facilitator and Mentoring Director

Dawna is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. At age 14, her testimony sent her perpetrator to prison for 10 years. For the next 30 years she carried a deep dark secret within as her father privately humiliated and belittled her for sending a grown man to prison, claiming she allowed it to happen therefore it was consensual. Thatʼs when she became a SHERO! Dawna is no longer a victim of abuse but stands victorious in how she lives her life. As a Shero, Dawna is about eradicating domestic violence and abuse. She believes in not only being the voice of the voiceless, but proudly stands beside them as they learn to take their power back, healing their history, rising above victimhood and becoming victorious.

Dawna has an extensive work history that includes receiving the “Circle of Excellence” Award, the highest award available for outstanding sales and profitability, and the “Coin of Integrity” for her professionalism and sales. Dawna has worked for Salt Lake County, District Attorneyʼs Office and the State of Utah, Team 72 (Children in Care) where she tracked children in and out of stateʼs custody, working closely with parents and families during their most difficult of times. In 2002, she became a Mentor for the “Village Project” a youth at risk program created by Juvenile Judge Andrew Valdez stating it takes a village to raise a child. As a humanitarian, Dawna has been an avid Blood Ambassador for the Red Cross. Her favorite volunteering includes supporting blood drives with our local high schools where she enjoys connecting with teens, inspiring them as they contribute to the gife of life. In 2021, Dawna became a Certified Professional Life Coach through Wainwright Global, Inc.

Celeste Greave

As the Education Facilitator and Mentoring Director of Sheroes United “Inside Out” Program Dawna has taught at the Utah State Prison for several years now sharing her message of hope, healing, and self love to the women incarcerated. They discover who they are and what their own “Personal Bill of Rights” means to them, to have both dignity and self-respect. Dawna also mentorʼs inmates preparing to parole, and is an active member of the Board of Directorʼs with the USP Timpanogos Facility for Women Mentoring and YPrep Program. As a mother of 3 amazing children and a proud grandmother of 4 grandchildren her passion and love for humanity continues to grow healing the world through love. If you ask Dawna what her super power is, she will simply state she sees the good in others.

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