The issue with trauma is how pervasive it is, and how long it can take a victim to stand and rise to take a stand for themselves, and to make a difference in their community. Compassionate advocates who have healed or are trained to help others heal are the most decisively powerful ways that change legislation and culture. That’s why advocacy has always been a vital part of the Sheroes Mission. Trained and compassionate advocates have lobbied for advanced legislation to help victims, prevent more victims, and to create stronger laws that protect the unprotected. Advocates also understand what victims need as far as resources, networks, support systems and education.

At Sheroes United, we have marched upon capital buildings and spoken before legislators. We have visited hospitals and homeless shelters, prisons and refugee centers so that we can bring resources and understand the deep, unmet needs in our communities. We are passionate about building a greater force of advocates who are willing to receive education and training, take a stand for us when needed changes are up for vote in your state or country. Join us to become a part of deeply needed change!

Celeste Greave


Discover what’s possible when a community moves together.

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