​Cherissa Jackson

Cherissa Jackson

Capt. US Air Force Retired

Spring 2015 SHERO Recipient

Cherissa’s Story
"My name is Cherissa Jackson and I am a retired Air Force Nurse. I served 23 years and I survived four deployments.
I am a proud single mother of twin daughters and I decided while sitting in a bunker under attack in Afghanistan, that if I survived, I would launch a business that would create a legacy for my daughters. I created Jackson & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC not only to help attorneys with their medical related cases saving them time and money but I wanted to showcase how a PTSD survivor could and would conquer the world.


As a PTSD soldier, I was troubled with the stigma that came along with that disorder.  I felt ashamed and felt very guilty that my symptoms didn’t look like everyone else’s.  My peers have suffered from depression, failed relationships, anxiety, suicide, etc. while trying to combat their symptoms.  Many are debilatated by an abundance of psych medications and unable to function in today’s society.  I am troubled that no one has been their true advocate.

Since my transformation at CEOSpace, I’ve been very bold at announcing my passion and my true purpose in life: Being that Ambassador and Advocate for PTSD soldiers. Before CEO Space, I’ve had this nagging tug on my heart to do more and become more than just a survivor.  I’ve always taken pride in myself to be that motivator, inspirer, and encourager, so now I am entering into the next chapter of my life – I am going to be that change, I am going to be the VOICE and I will do what I have to do to make a difference in the lives of so many others that have served their country. I had to step up and with a mighty roar, conquer the fear of rejection of walking into my destiny.  Once I did that, there has been no stopping me.  I am an entrepreneur, a proud mother, a disabled Veteran, and a PTSD advocate. My overall quest is to show every female veteran, every PTSD veteran, every family member enduring the stressors of helping their love ones with this disorder, that everything is POSSIBLE.  If I can do it, so can they.  I remember Les Brown, a famous motivational speaker, saying “Nothing is Impossible”. We all have the gift and sustaining power to defeat and conquer all obstacles.  I want to be that champion that echoes that to everyone I meet.  I want this movement to be a global movement where we support our PTSD soldiers showing them other holistic and unconventional means to be great and be proud to overcome their symptoms. Their symptoms are just an extension of who they are but not the person inside. The world needs to see that we have conquered and we are survivors not zombies, and society should not be afraid that we will go 'postal' if confronted.  No more I say, no more!  We are philanthropists, we are graduates, business owners, we are your neighbors, your sisters, your friends and we are whomever and whatever we want to be. My final message is this…..it only takes one person to create awareness.  Like a boomerang, those that have compassion and support the cause will flock.  I do this because I’ve petitioned my God to fulfill my purpose.  I am Cherissa Jackson of Jackson & Associates Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and I’m aPTSD survivor and I will shout it out to the mountain tops that we don’t haveto be on medications to be great.  I am a conqueror.  I am a warrior.  I am a 'SHERO!'"

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