​Domestic Violence

​Eradicating Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is rampant throughout every nation in the world. Recent statistics from the World Health Organization estimate that one in every three women worldwide is a victim of mental, verbal, sexual and/or physical abuse from members of their family or those living in the same household, or an attack of some kind from outside of the family. Different societies have different ramifications for domestic abuse and, depending on the culture, law enforcement too often looks the other way. If not resolved, the pattern of abuse in families and society continues generation after generation until someone becomes educated enough and brave enough to break the chains.

The SHEROES United movement is full of survivors and thrivers beyond domestic violence. Our organization operates with the knowledge that the most powerful tool for healing families is to educate on the basis of mutual respect, dignity, breaking chains of the violence, and creating safe boundaries through love and compassion.

What We Do to Eradicate Domestic Violence:

Prevention Programs: SHEROES United is currently running pilot programs with an accredited training program to PREVENT human trafficking among high-school students, high-risk youth populations, adult and juvenile transition centers (before and after jail/prison), halfway houses and so many more. We would love you to get involved, donate, or become accredited to present the personal education and leadership program in your region of the world. Please contact us with questions and for more information.

One Billion Rising: Our organization has also participated annually in One Billion Rising, a world-wide event held in over 200 countries in the month of February. We have had thousands attend our events—both men and women, and many of them are survivors and thrivers beyond domestic violence with the desire to celebrate the victorious feminine spirit within them, and to take action to educate and inspire individuals and families to break their own chains of violence in their families.

SHEROES Forum: We are collecting stories of victorious women who have overcome trauma, sexual assault and/or domestic abuse, who now continue to thrive and are incredible role models to other women and children and men, and who show how it is possible to heal.​

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