The way any victim rises from trauma to a leader is step-by-step. Education creates enormous and vast changes so that each of those steps are akin to leaps instead of baby steps, and are filled with power, positivity, healing and remarkable inner growth.

Sheroes United has been passionately involved in providing healing and leadership education for several years. We know that the way the world changes is either through ignorance or education. The way the world betters itself and evolves is always through education. We are committed to expanding our educational services to reach more women and men in prison, more women in domestic violence shelters, and more training and education to women and children rising from human trafficking!

Becoming A Leader from the Inside-Out​

Our leadership training has been requested in many countries around the world, and is currently being used in schools, prisons, transition programs, women’s shelters, elder-care centers, high-risk girls programs, young women leadership trainings and so much more. It is highly effective and trauma-informed. It makes victims into leaders, and prevents more victims of violence.  We invite you to join us!

WHATBecoming a SHERO: Leadership from the Inside-Out Certification & Training
WHO: For women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, beliefs, and boundaries. Especially for high-risk girls and women, high school students, and all those who deserve to be empowered. Period.
WHY: This is a Prevention Project, to learn boundaries, voice, and prevent:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Human Trafficking

​WHERE: Always and only to be done in a safe environment, where what is spoken is sacred among every participant. Safety is the primary consideration in deciding where to hold the trainings. There must be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and intellectual safety at all times for all involved.  
WHEN: This certification is good for 18 mos. from the date you were certified. As long as you have permission and are being culturally aware as well as practicing non judgment and sensitivity, this training can be presented anywhere in the world.

Celeste Greave

Bill of rights

Creating a Bill of Rights for ourselves is a way of affirming our self-worth and the guidelines by which we expect to be treated-and treat ourselves. 

Owning your Bill of Rights is about being assertive so that you can function in society, and relationships (including with yourself) in the most powerful and positive way. This is just one of the many tools used in our Inside-Out program to help women take charge of their own life and own their story.

Use our guide below to create your own! 

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Create your own Personal Bill of Rights


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