Sheroes United is passionate about empowering women and families. It has been documented – and we have seen firsthand – what happens inside a woman, a family and a community when a woman is empowered. First, she treats herself differently. She comes to the table with compassion for her journey. Because she treats herself well, she is more likely to be treated with respect, dignity and and is more apt to rise to opportunities for leadership and contribution

Here's what happens: Lives change. Economies rise. Crime lowers. Quality of life increases for everyone with whom she comes into contact. This is why empowerment is a necessary investment in our social future and the planet’s positive future.

For over a decade, SHEROES United has empowered women through award-winning events, education, influencing legislation and working with literally thousands of victims of trauma. Sheroes focus is far beyond survival. For a woman to rise and thrive, she must be empowered.

At a critical time in the world where trauma is entirely misunderstood, our mission is to continue to provide the most powerful events, mentoring, education, resources, trainings, networking and more to empower women and families, and change the trajectory of human destiny through thriving women.

Celeste Greave


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