KUED7 Women & Girls LEAD SHEROES Project

​Our original SHEROES series identifies the women in our community that stand out and make a difference in the lives of so many around her. SHEROES United is pleased to partner with KUED7, Women & Girls LEAD, PBS, and the community - in this effort to embrace our authentic selves.

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KUED7 University of Utah

Bridget Cook

Author, Business Owner, Speaker Interview

​Leah Barker

CEO Choice Humanitarian Interview

Samira Harish

President Women of the World Interview

Samira Harish

The members of SHEROES United, led by Celeste Gleave, CEO of FYVE STAR Inc.®, are members of the KUED7 Women & Girls Advisory Board and have been instrumental in gathering stories of everyday "SHEROES" from women who have faced challenges in their lives and triumphed over different adversities. The stories will be crafted into interviews for use on air and online in social media and this website from November 2012.

SHEROES United seeks out woman who have gone through extraordinary experiences to recognize them for their efforts. They want to be a place where role models are identified and be instrumental in building a better tomorrow for the women of today.

Salt Lake Tribune: Nonprofit seeks Utah women's success stories

SHEROES United honors women of all ages, race and situations who have come to the point of change and done great things in their life. "Many voices tell many stories. From these stories women find a role model, a story they identify with and the inspiration they need to make a change."

Many women all over the world are silent in fear, abuse, agony and addictions while thinking they are alone and unsure what to do with their lives. Simultaneously, many women have faced a turning point where they made a decision to leave an abusive situation, make a new start, or go forward among obstacles and pain.

Layton, UT

Watch for our other stories in production as we speak!!!

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