Launa Christiansen

Board Director of Education

Pillar Chair- Domestic Violence

Launa believes education, empowerment and ultimately love will heal our world, and she lives a life where she cultivates this in all she does. She has a strong background in the education of small children as an early childhood education expert, having written many different curriculums now used all over the world. She also specializes in health and life coaching for women, educating them to create their best healthy body, mind and finances. Whatever Launa does, she does with her whole heart and great passion. Her enthusiasm and love for learning and life inspire all who know her. Launa grew up knowing what domestic violence looks like from a child's point of view, and unfortunately then went on to endure a marriage that was also abusive. Overcoming this and many challenges in her life it is just part of her story that propels her to reach out and show her sisters there is another way to live- embracing life to its fullest, breaking chains and creating our best life. Launa is especially passionate about uplifting the children of these situations and believes if we lift, educate and inspire the children then we lift, educate and inspire our whole next generation.

Celeste Greave
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