Lisa Kelley

Celeste Greave

Executive Director

Lisa Kelley first and foremost is passionate about assisting others on their journey of discovering their passion, finding their purpose and stepping into their power to serve others.

Lisa is a Professional & Personal Empowerment Advisor/Mentor and a Certified Master Coach. She also has over 25 years-experience working with Fortune 50 Companies selling multi-million-dollar deals and is Co-Founder of a Global Digital Creative Agency called SALES:CREATIVE. She specializes in working with C Suite Executives and Board of Directors to streamline their businesses in whatever capacity necessary. As a business strategist, Lisa has helped clients raise millions of dollars with her expertise and has successfully branded and strategically consulted numerous companies such as Dr. Josh Axe, CEOSPACE International, Performance Lifestyle and many more. She has consulted with thousands of business owners over her career and still gets giddy when strategizing with new clients.

She is a Trainer and Keynote Speaker on Branding & Digital Marketing Strategies as well as Motivational Talks. Lisa’s teachings are in various universities across the country. One of Lisa’s most treasured accomplishments is creating her own Women’s Empowerment Retreats and Workshops. Lisa believes that every human being has something special that is unique to only them and she absolutely loves helping them discover that! Lisa has a soft spot in her heart for young girls. She herself has spent many years going deep into personal development and now enjoys assisting others on that healing journey.

Lisa has sat on multiple boards of non-profits such as Mercy Ministries and Justice For Our Neighbors. Whenever possible Lisa and her team love giving back to worthy causes with their talents and hearts. She is a Corporate Spokesperson, Trained Professional Singer, Actress and faculty member with CEOSPACE.

One word that describes Lisa: “PASSIONATE”

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