Lori Midgley

Director of Communication & Ethics

Lori believes with all her heart that we can all be the change and change the world via one act of kindness, positivity and love at a time.

Lori has a diverse corporate background where for the past 30 plus years she has been a great leader in compliance, ethics, communication, HR, training and trying to drive the importance of culture and overall wellness. In addition, Lori is a Certified Professional Life Coach and loves helping others find their personal power and passion.

Lori loves serving others with not only her time and talents throughout the years but her whole heart. She has served as a leader for many organizations through the years on a number of boards and many organizations. She has made an impact on her charitable service with the American Heart Association, in which she served in various capacities for the Go Red For Women campaigns; on their National QAIC Taskforce; and helped to create the “Circle of Red” group that is still a big part of the AHA in which she has chaired many events over her years of service. In addition, she serves on the Executive Board and as the Treasurer of the Advisory Board with the Salvation Army, Salt Lake City division, along with their Nominating and Programs, Services and Development Committees. She loves helping with all the programs and community events. Lori has also served with ETS to help fight against suicide and raising awareness in schools and anywhere she can. She has loved volunteering for the Good Shepherd Home Health & Hospice as well as she feels that this is just as critical for our amazing seniors and hospice patients who need help and companionship during all parts of their life. Which makes helping lead the Genshai Movement into Senior Centers and incredibly fun event for her. 

Celeste Greave

Lori loves people and has a passion for helping families, women and children in need, and believes that everyone should have love, hope and brightness in their life. Lori has loved serving whenever and wherever needed for SHEROES United and has loved training and mentoring the women in the prison with the Inside Out Program. 

 Lori’s passion has always been about bringing hope, love, inclusion and diversity to new highs of community engagement and optimism. She has many dreams to start spreading love throughout the world, one person at a time.  She enjoys serving and uplifting others and has said if she could find a way to make a living doing this, she would. Otherwise, she will continue to serve and see how she can help educate and mentor others to create a better world for all. 

Her mission and hope is that she leaves everyone she meets better than she found them, ensuring that they know without a doubt that they are loved, worthy, unique, amazing and that they matter. That they know their light is bright and they are loved. 

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