Mary Nickles

LOCAL News Anchor Brings True Life Experience Forward and SHARES her STORY

Mary is a morning and noon anchor and health correspondent for CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City. This is her story.
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer after getting a mammogram for a TV story! Not many people can say their job saved their life! I had a lumpectomy on Dec. 19th, stage one, 1.3 centimeters, grade 3 invasive, triple negative. It’s a rare and aggressive cancer so I will also have chemo and radiation to kill any suckers in there! Chemo starts Friday, Jan. 20th…keep track of when I lose my hair, because I plan to do the news while all of this is going on! In Utah since 1991, worked in Yakima, WA before that. I come from a big, wonderful, Seattle-based family. I am very active with my kids, and in sports, volunteer work, and politics. I’m a mom of boy/girl twins, and wife of an incredible partner and dad. I’ve been in the TV news business since 1985, and LOVE it!"

Mary Nickles has opened up her personal journey with breast cancer and shared with her local community. She has many friends and family that love and respect her. She shared her voice and made cancer something that people understand just a little bit more.

For this we believe she is a true SHERO!
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