Executive Board

Lisa Kelley

Executive Director

Lisa Kelley first and foremost is passionate about assisting others on their journey of discovering their passion, finding their purpose and stepping into their power to serve others.

Lisa is a Professional & Personal Empowerment Advisor/Mentor and a Certified Master Coach. She also has over 25 years-experience working with Fortune 50 Companies selling multi-million-dollar deals and is Co-Founder of a Global Digital Creative Agency called SALES:CREATIVE. She specializes in working with C Suite Executives and Board of Directors to streamline their businesses in whatever capacity necessary. As a business strategist, Lisa has helped clients raise millions of dollars with her expertise and has successfully branded and strategically consulted numerous companies such as Dr. Josh Axe, CEOSPACE International, Performance Lifestyle and many more. She has consulted with thousands of business owners over her career and still gets giddy when strategizing with new clients.

Lisa is a Trainer and Keynote Speaker on Branding & Digital Marketing Strategies as well as Motivational Talks. Lisa’s teachings are in various universities across the country. One of Lisa’s most treasured accomplishments is creating her own Women’s Empowerment Retreats...

Original Founder- Commander ​Founder/CEO

At the age of 21 Celeste enlisted to serve in the US military, she believes in building people up and bringing hope to those who need it. Affectionately known by her dearest friends as “Commander”, she is committed to advancing women into leadership from all walks of life. Her heart for serving her country continues into advocacy for veterans, for those rising from trauma, and for small business.

Celeste started her own company in 1991. She is the President and CEO of FYVE STAR, Inc.®; with her partner Sandra Hudson they successfully built a multi-million-dollar defense contractor business and are currently working in biotech. She has worked with the Department of Defense and the DLA, including Homeland Security for over 25 years.

Celeste Gleave
Bridget Cook- Burch

Co-Founder & Former Executive Director

Bridget Cook-Burch is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, best known for her riveting tales of transformation. Most important to her are the stories of individuals rising from trauma, out of limitation and into possibilities--even great leadership. Bridget’s powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, and in People magazine, among many others.

As a passionate leader, storyteller, trainer and humanitarian, Bridget has been a strong advocate on initiatives to end all violence against women, abolish human trafficking, and honor the veterans and first-responders that serve our nation every day. Seeing such a great need in her local community and worldwide, Bridget helped co-found Sheroes United and has continued to serve passionately for over a decade. She is the author of the Inside-Out Leadership Training program that has served women refugees from Congo in Italy, in the Utah State prison system, and anonymously with victims of human trafficking. She has personally trained over 350 Inside-Out leaders and is currently endeavoring to bring the curriculum into prisons nationwide, and deep areas of need worldwide.

Board of Directors

Dawna Angus

Dawna is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. At age 14, her testimony sent her perpetrator to prison for 10 years. For the next 30 years she carried a deep dark secret within as her father privately humiliated and belittled her for sending a grown man to prison, claiming she allowed it to happen therefore...

Melanie Queen
Melanie Queen

Melanie Queen is a mother of a young family and is a small business accountant for mother entrepreneurs. She enjoys helping others be successful. She has an Bachelors of Accounting Degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She has been a member and leader...

Holly Ziegenhorn
Holly Ziegenhorn

Holly Ziegenhorn has six children and 12 grandchildren and was born and raised in Utah but resided in Tacoma, Washington when her three oldest children were very young with their father who was stationed there as an Army Combat Soldier. While there, and prior to her law enforcement career, Holly worked as an administrative...

Launa Christiansen

Launa believes education, empowerment and ultimately love will heal our world, and she lives a life where she cultivates this in all she does. She has a strong background in the education of small children as an early childhood education expert, having written many different curriculums now used all over the world. She also specializes...

Lori Midgley

Lori believes with all her heart that we can all be the change and change the world via one act of kindness, positivity and love at a time.

Lori has a diverse corporate background where for the past 30 plus years she has been a great leader in compliance, ethics, communication, HR...

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